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Our exciting StriveLive project will be kicking off in North Yorkshire this October, giving 30 residents 7 weeks of support and access to micro-grants from our £2,500 start-up pot!

If you’re looking to start a business in the North Yorkshire area you should definitely check out this project.

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An exciting seven week start-up incubator for anyone looking to start a new business, self-employment or project in the North Yorkshire area.

Start Dates: 31st October 2023

Time Slot: Tuesdays 19:00 – 21:00

Location: North Yorkshire   |  Training Online

Sponsorship: 30 fully funded free spaces for local residents.

Micro-Grants: A prize fund of £2,500 will be awarded as prizes to each start date.



Live training is nice. Conversations are nicer.
There’s no dull webinars here; Strive training is fun.
Our weekly sessions are always delivered live and to small groups. That means you can talk, share ideas, ask questions or just hang out with the team as we tackle everything you need to know to start a business.

Seven weeks training via zoom, 2hrs a week.


Expert advice nice. Help is nicer.
It’s nice to meet an expert every fortnight and get their advice.
Sure we do that here, but our experts have all started businesses themselves so they love to get stuck in and work alongside you. From logo’s to spreadsheets we can help you build them.

Fortnightly one-to-ones with your adviser.


Learning is nice. Learning your way is nicer.
Want to understand trade marks whilst making a cup of tea, or figure out your first sale on Sunday at 3am? We’ve got you. Strive comes with an interactive mobile friendly online portal to dozens of exciting business topics, and how to’s. So you can learn your way, anytime.

Three months anytime access to our online learning courses.

Come home. 
We built Strive to be the nicest place to start something. It’s somewhere to learn, get advice, a helping hand and meet a whole bunch of people all striving to start something too.

Join the strive community, it’ll feel like home.