About us.

we are here to help
people striving
for independence_ for flexibility_ for creative freedom_ for more time with the kids_ for their communities_ for recognition_ for their families_ for better mental health_ to learn_ to be the boss_ to be a role model_ to get off benefits_ to be themselves_ to save the world_ to save their minds_ for something_

Good things happen when you strive for them, but starting out isn’t easy.
That’s why Strive exists, to help make good things happen by making it easier to start something. It’s really that simple.

Portrait of Laura she's 30 something with long hair and an approachable smile

Laura Mumford
Laura has led online start-up projects for 8 years, but she’s also run a construction company, crafting side hustles, council campaigns and is about to become a yoga instructor.

A portrait of Richard a forty something with blue eyes, a youthful grin and flouncy hair

Richard Lanning
Richard has been around the block a few times now, managing an environmental building supplier, charity projects in Africa, his own marketing agency and a couple of social enterprises here in the UK.

A profile shot of Paul in a blue striped shirt looking relaxed..

Paul Funnell
Over 25 years, Paul built a business that employed hundreds of people from his one-man carpet cleaning company. He has started a couple of social enterprises and now spends his days advising charities and start-ups.

Our Mission

Starting a business, whether it’s a community business or side hustle, is always about striving to do something.

That something could be any one of a hundred reasons for starting a business.

Many of the people we’ve helped to start a business want to give back to their communities, provide for their families, reduce their need for government benefits, become role models or are fulfilling a lifelong dream.

We exist because striving to start something isn’t easy, but it almost always leads to good things.

We want more good things to happen, so we work to make starting something easier to do.

That’s our mission, to make more good things happen by making it easier to start something.

A Big Warm Letter S

Do we help everyone?
Yes, we can help anyone to start a business no matter your background.

However, as a social enterprise if we make any profits from our work we’re committed to re-investing them to help grassroots entrepreneurs overcoming some form of disadvantage.